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Workshop Topics
Farhan is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and an International Fitness Presenter

Farhan is a Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner  International Fitness Presenter       Level 2 Sonia Choquette 6 Sensory Practitioner

Voted Canada’s Best Fitness Instructor 2010

Media calls Farhan "The Ball Man!"

Media calls Farhan “The Ball Man!”

List of Workshops

NEW!!! Angel Yoga Workshops

NEW!! Working With The Angels Certification Course

Melbourne, Australia Mind-Body Fusion Workout

Melbourne, Australia
Mind-Body Fusion Workout

Group Cycling

Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

Mind Body Topics

“Farhan Dhalla turns the ball into your best friend! He’s developed a creative and unique workout that balances physical challenges with a mind/body focus that leaves you feeling totally rejuvenated.”

~ Kathy Smith

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Group Exercise Topics


Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel

Core Training and Fitness Assessment Topics

NEW!!! Angel Yoga

Breath, movement and meditation are beautifully blended with the invocation of the various Archangels with specific intention to create a yoga practice with unlimited benefits in health and over all well-being. Each yoga is designed to facilitate the vibration of the specific Archangel to assist in life matters that include physical and emotional healing, finding love, abundance and discovering your life purpose. The practice begins with the invocation of a specific Archangel and intention setting. The flow then moves into a physical mind body practice to allow the invocation to set into the practice. The class then ends with a meditation to create awareness, knowing and finally healing of the desired intention.

Archangel Michael Yoga

This grounding practice of yoga channels Archangel Michael to help rid unwanted toxins associated with all types of fears including those but not limited to your life purpose.  Postures that create strength and stability are used as you tap into Archangel Michael’s fiery energy for courage, physical and emotional strength and to seek guidance in any necessary steps in your life purpose. This practice is also beneficial when you are fearful, feeling lost and in need of direction. Immediately as you connect with Archangel Michael’s frequency you will feel stronger, more assured, motivated, as well as a deep sense of courage and determination. He’s frequency will provide you with comfort in knowing that you are protected in every way. And finally in the meditation component you will feel lighter as all your fears melt away and physically full of energy and vitality.

Archangel Raphael Yoga

This therapeutic yoga practice is meant to harmonize the body and restore all physical and emotional health with the help of Archangel Raphael. All healing begins with intention setting and then surrendering the situation to God and Archangel Raphael. The healing angelic energy is then augmented while staying centered in a gentle, physical practice of yoga postures that are designed to align, balance and heal the body. All forms of healing are possible including physical and emotional issues. This practice can also be used for general health, body maintenance, disease prevention, stress reduction and rejuvenation.A guided meditation will conclude the class emphasizing relaxation and healing.

Archangel Ariel Yoga

A heart centered practice of yoga that opens and balances the heart chakra to help with true love, relationships and attracting abundance. Calling on Archangel Ariel is to claim your divine right to be in harmony with all your relationships and living an abundant life. The most important relationship is the one with your-self. By choosing self-love healing within begins allowing every relationship in your life to prosper. Archangel Ariel’s love focused energy will heal all matters of the heart as postures that open and balance the heart chakra are exercised. While working with this magical heart energyArchangel Ariel can help manifest your deepest hearts desires. A wish or dream that is based in love has the power to create a life filled with loving relationships. You’ll discover what it’s like to live and lead a heart-centered life filled with all kinds of abundance.Archangel Ariel can help you see the love in you and in others as the practice ends with a heart to heart meditation.

Archangel Chamuel Yoga

This yoga practice resonates with those that are need of a deeper search of the meaning and purpose of their life. The postures and meditation will take you further within to discover your truth and what it means to be living this truth in your every day life. It will help to answer and piece together your questions that have transpired from an inner journey. What is my purpose? Why am I here on earth? And how do I fit?  These are some of the fundamental questions asked and answered. The yoga practicefocuses to open up the crown chakra to allow the channels to receive divine information, wisdom and knowledge like a gentle river flow. Archangel Chamuel is the angel to help you find all that you are looking for in life. He can help find your purpose, soul mate and ultimately God. He is the angel to call upon when you’re feeling lost in these matters and want to increase the depth of your understanding for the meaning of your life.

Working With The Angels

PART 1: This two-part certification course begins with an introduction to working with the Angels. Angels are miraculous and here to help us with every aspect of our lives. Have you ever wondered how to communicate with these wonderful light beings of God? Join Farhan Dhalla Spiritual Personal Trainer and Certified Angel Therapist for this informative and exciting workshop. You’ll learn who they Angels are, how to invoke them and the many ways they can help you with your career, love life and life purpose.
PART 2: Unleash and discover working with the archangels to help understand your life purpose and to help heal physical and emotional pain. The archangels each have a purpose and are available for our assistance in every aspect of our lives. The miracles continue in this workshop as you deepen your understanding, knowledge and awareness of the Angels through meditation. Meditations and practical work will be used to augment learning and for immediate application into every aspect of your lives.  You’ll also learn to increase awareness and sensitivity to know the difference between Guardian Angels, Archangels and spirits in the afterlife. A brief introduction to mediumship will also be covered in this exciting workshop.
Upon completion of the course registrants will receive a certificate of completion of the Working with the Angels Workshop

Celestial Cycling

Topic Category: Group Cycling

Cycling has never been such a mind body experience as in this ride. This class is done to music featuring instruments and sounds that open and balance each of the chakras or energy centers of the body. Feel centered and exhilarated through a mind focused ride designed to improve the cardio vascular system and harmonize mind, body and spirit. The class ends with an active meditation cool down completing the workout! Proper riding techniques and biomechanics for a safe ride are also reviewed in this unique class. Handout (requires Adobe Acrobat)


Topic Category: Group Cycling

Join International Cycle Master Trainer Farhan Dhalla as he brings the sounds of the night into the day time with this urban style group cycling class. This unique ride will be sure to move you to the latest beats that make dance lovers night crawlers. Participants will learn how to use music to set the tone and mood of the class and with just a bit of creativity can take their class to an extraordinary level. The sounds of this class will be featured live by DJ Chris INK who’s been caught spinning at some of Toronto’s most popular night clubs. Warning! Bring your dancing shoes along with your cycling shoes! Handout (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Rhythmic Ride

Topic Category: Group Cycling
Do you captivate and motivate your class with effective use of music? Take your coaching skills to the next level by learning to use music to create excitement, energy, and enthusiasm! Fine-tune your skill in selecting the best music for specific techniques. Experience how exceptional use of music can make your riders feel like they don’t want the ride to end! Learn how to use the music’s phrasing and rhythm to improve your cueing skills. Psychologically motivate your riders to a new level

Extreme Indoor Cycling

Topic Category: Group Cycling
Take your interval training skills to an advanced level by discovering how to effectively utilize the four key elements of a truly balanced training program: leg speed, strength, endurance and power. Learn the science behind interval training, terms for intervals, the use of appropriate applications and progressions, specific drills and techniques to train each element, and how to maximize class time with proper technique and combinations. Get an update on the latest research on heart rate monitor use, and learn how to monitor intensity in a group of mixed ability riders.

Mind, Ball & Soul – Now on DVD!!!

Topic Category: Mind Body Topics
Take time to harmonize your body, mind and soul through a blended yoga, strength and core conditioning workout. Mind, Ball and Soul is a total body workout combined with the holistic benefits of yoga and breathing exercises that will give you an intense workout yet leaves you in a state of relaxation. Leading Physiotherapist and former Reebok Master Trainer Farhan Dhalla has created a program that does it all. This workout features a functional warm-up, three dimensional resistive training and core conditioning exercises followed by a mind centering yoga cool down all on the ball.
Equipment: Stability Ball, Hand weights

Muscular Fusion

Topic Category: Mind Body Topics
The foundations of yoga postures and sequences build the basis of this class which are then combined with resistance training for a complete functional workout. The muscular fusion style of training blends all the elements of functional training to create a dynamic and efficient workout. This class does not require you to have any prior experience with yoga. Learn how to think outside the box of the two dimensional way of resistance training and make your group fitness classes more fun and unique.
Equipment: Tubing, Hand weights and Yoga Mats

Celestial Circuit

Topic Category: Mind Body Topics
Join Farhan and Marla for a circuit class that will blow your MIND, stimulate you BODY and stir your SPIRIT. This concept blends yoga, functional strength and cardiovascular work in a circuit class format. This class serves to center, ground and align by functionally working all the systems of the body – physically, mentally and emotionally. The class format will integrate various techniques designed to bring balance to the subtle energy systems which impact all levels of our existence – the mind, body and spirit. Please come with an open mind and experience what it feels like to unleash the potential within.
Equipment: Yoga Mats, Steps, hand weights

The Chakra Workout!

Topic Category: Mind Body Topics

A successful physical workout can only be the result of a body whose energetic system is open and balanced. This highly inspirational workshop will introduce you to the body’s energetic system which includes the seven major chakras, their function in our body and how to keep the energetic pathways flowing freely. Spiritual personal trainer Farhan Dhalla will help explain the deep wisdom of our chakra system and which exercises can maintain balance in our bodies. This workshop will also include a guided chakra clearing meditation that will also help clear away any blockages that may be present. This workshop will set you free on the path of keeping a body that is perfectly harmonized, mind, body and spirit. Handout (requires Adobe Acrobat)

How to be Spiritually Fit in a Physical World

Topic Category: Mind Body Topics
Ever wonder why sometimes you don’t reach your goals? Ever wonder why injuries occur despite the fact that you executed the exercise safely? Did you know that the power of your belief system ultimately determines the outcome of every aspect of our lives including our fitness related goals? Succeeding requires unblocking the negative thinking patterns and beliefs that block us from getting what we want and reaching our desired goals. Join spiritual personal trainer Farhan Dhalla as he takes you on a journey inward to uncover what these blocks are and where they lie. Farhan will show you how our physical injuries are really telling us a deeper story and what it is that we need to learn from them. Techniques in understanding the mind body connection through muscle testing will be demonstrated and taught in this workshop. Come with an open mind and leave with tools and ideas that will change your life.

Extreme Functional Training

Topic Category: Group Exercise Topics
Learn how to maximize resistance training through results driven exercises that simulate real life functions. Designed by physiotherapist and personal trainer Farhan Dhalla, you’ll learn a truly effective way of training the body by performing fluid movements that enhance strength, core stability, flexibility and balance. Extreme functional training challenges the body and prepares it for daily movement patterns. The goal of the workshop is to give you the tools to train your clients with exercises that prepare the body for the challenges of daily living, and prevent overuse and repetitive muscular injuries.
Equipment: Steps and Hand Weights

The Ball Zone

Topic Category: Group Exercise Topics
Take your ball classes to a higher and deeper zone of training. Try this choreographed class that makes core training fun through dynamic movement. The Ball Zone focuses on the physiological components required to hold your centre of gravity. Put yourself in the unstable environment of stability ball training to challenge your balance, kinesthetic awareness, and joint and postural stability. This advanced class is suitable for those who are experienced ball instructors who are looking for new ideas to heighten and challenge their participants.
Equipment: Balls and Mats


Topic Category: Group Exercise Topics
Finally a ball workout that generates results through core challenging movements and athleticism! The stability ball continues to be a powerful tool in the fitness industry and we’ve only just began. The time is now to take our knowledge and the use of the stability ball and tap into greater degrees of challenge, skill and agility while still keeping the focus on core strength. If you’ve been teaching ball classes and are running out of ideas don’t put that ball on the fitness hall of fame shelf just yet! The Power Ball workout will take all your core moves and build on them giving you a whole new class and workout. Learn how the stability ball can create intensity, raise your heart rate and raise your level of fun!
Equipment: Balls

Neutralize and Stabilize

Topic Category: Group Exercise Topics
This Pilates-inspired workshop examines the biomechanical importance of training the spine in the neutral position. Designed for fitness instructors with or without a Pilates background, you’ll learn important skills and teaching tools on how to cue for neutral spinal position. Based on physiotherapy principles, you’ll learn why neutral position is the ideal position for optimal spinal function and injury prevention. Basic core exercises will be taught, and then shown how to progress with the added challenge of medicine balls and body bars.
Equipment: Medicine balls, mats, body bars

5 Steps to an Effective Core Training Program

Topic Category: Core Training and Fitness Assessment Topics
The world has gone core crazy and this workshop is designed to find stability in all the insanity! Let’s take all this information and simplify it in 5 easy steps! Putting together a core training program has never been so easy. This workshop will review the function of the core, the functional applications and a sample workout. Participants will leave with a solid foundation of how to design an effective and functional core training program.

Core Control

Topic Category: Core Training and Fitness Assessment Topics
Developing strong spinal stabilizers is an essential part of having a healthy back and maximizing performance in activities of daily living. This workshop will teach you the functional anatomy of the spinal stabilizers, explain the importance of core training and how to effectively introduce core training into your group fitness classes. Designed by physiotherapist and personal trainer Farhan Dhalla, Core Control will give you the basic foundations of core training including how to take basic exercises and then progress them using popular forms of equipment such as the step, tubing and stability ball.
Equipment: Mats

Neutralize and Stabilize

Topic Category: Core Training and Fitness Assessment Topics
This Pilates-inspired workshop examines the biomechanical importance of training the spine in the neutral position. Designed for fitness instructors with or without a Pilates background, you’ll learn important skills and teaching tools on how to cue for neutral spinal position. Based on physiotherapy principles, you’ll learn why neutral position is the ideal position for optimal spinal function and injury prevention. Basic core exercises will be taught, and then shown how to progress with the added challenge of medicine balls and body bars.
Equipment: Medicine balls, mats

Turn Back Time

Topic Category: Core Training and Fitness Assessment Topics
Age related changes are inevitable and the lumbar spine is no exception. Degenerative disc disease is a process that accompanies aging and therefore has important implications for the fitness enthusiast. Help your clients take control of your rate of degenerating disc loss. If you thought a strong and healthy back was only associated with youth… then choose to Turn Back Time. Join leading physiotherapist and personal trainer, Farhan Dhalla, as he shares research on aerobic and resistance training, and its effect on the progression and prevention of degenerative disc disease. Then put theory into practice on the stability ball, using concepts for one-on-one or group workouts. Our clients have entrusted us to provide them with programs that produce optimal results and long-term health. Understanding degenerative disc disease is vital to the prevention of disability, which may have an impact on social, workplace and familial roles.
Equipment: Stability balls, data projector for PowerPoint presentation

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