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Spiritual Personal Training

Voted Canada’s Best Fitness Instructor 2010!

Farhan’s mission is to help people recognize and learn to value their worthiness.

A session with Farhan is geared toward a complete Mind, Body and Spirit overhaul. With the help of the Angels and his Guides, Farhan uses intuition to peel the layers and discover blocks, negative patterns or belief systems that are preventing us from achieving our goals in life.

This can be fitness related or pertain to any aspect of our lives.

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Case Studies

The uniqueness of Farhan’s work is best revealed by those who have experienced it. To that end, clients who have worked closely with Farhan have submitted their personal first-hand narratives, which are presented below as case studies.

Case Study #1
Case Study #2
Case Study #3

How Farhan Can Help You

Farhan will help you by balancing your spiritual and physical life as this balance is fundamental in achieving any goal.

Farhan is certified as an Angel Therapist by Doreen Virtue as well as in reiki, heart resonance therapy and has completed his Level 2 Six Sensory Practitioners Training with Sonia Choquette. Farhan has also had extensive training in Mediumship from some of the most world renowned experts in the field including John Holland and Accolade Academy. Farhan has taken everything he has learned from the best teachers in the world and applies this knowledge with his clients needs.

Farhan believes that every situation in our lives is an opportunity to discover more of who we are and he would be happy to assist and share that journey with you.

Angel Coaching

Learn to lead an intuitive life by tapping into your divine support to help create a life that flows with grace, ease and joy. With Farhan as your trusted personal Angel Coach right by your side you will easily break through obstacles and turn them into your treasures. All of your experiences are universally orchestrated to help you evolve and Farhan will help by using the information provided from your Angels and the divine to maximize your growth. As your Angel Coach Farhan will help guide you to more joyful living!

Single Session $150.00

Package of 4 Sessions $550.00 

Package of 8 Sessions $1000.00

Spiritual Personal Training

Building a better body by Connecting You to the Divine

Every aspect of our life is just as much spiritual as it is physical. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and as such our physical process in our lives is always connected with our spirit. There is no separation. Our spirit is all knowing. It’s at the core of our being and has the inner wisdom, knowledge and answers to all our questions, life issues and challenges. That is because our spirit is connected to the greater, all knowing and Source of everything. Our bodies are always providing us with information about where our lives require our attention. Disease, unwanted body fat and various life issues that represent roadblocks in our life are simply reminders that we have become disconnected with our spirit. And weight loss is no exception. Unwanted fat or excess weight is an opportunity to deepen our relationship with ourselves and more importantly with the divine. As an Intuitive Fitness Angel Farhan uses the Angelic Realm to guide you into the conscious awareness of where love has been replaced with fear in order to reconnect the channels between body and spirit and ultimately the divine. Once this channel has been awakened the deeper lessons of what the fat is representing in one’s life is learned and then can be successfully transformed so that each cell in the body is made healthy. The result is a body that was perhaps a dream is now a reality as a result of a healing response and conscious attention to allow true love into your life.
Angelic guidance is then also used to create the perfect exercise program personally designed to help you reach your desired goals. Whether you are new or experienced Farhan can help. Either way there is unlimited wealth of information waiting to be revealed by the Angels. They are eager and ready to guide you get healthy and achieve a lean fit body. Get started and book your session with Farhan today!

“Farhan motivates me to get the best out of myself, even when I think I’ve hit my limit. With him, I’m always learning new techniques and new ways to improve my health and reach my fitness goals. As my physiotherapist, I call Farhan my miracle worker.”

~ Alexandra Orlando

Canadian Olympian, World Record Holder Common Wealth Games

Canadian Olympian, World Record Holder Common Wealth Games

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There are times in our lives when we seem lost or confused either personally or professionally. There is a divine support system that is there to assist us no matter how small or big our life circumstances.

Using his intuitive abilities Farhan can provide guidance by helping to ask your guardian Angels to provide you with support in every life matter.

Farhan will also help you connect with your guardian angel so that you can begin to develop this relationship on your own.

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Home Clearings

Revitalize your home! Using the Angelic realm contact Farhan to clear away, stuck, heavy, lower or any unwanted energy. This can include but not limited to earthbound spirits and other forms of energy that are creating any sort of heaviness in your home. Whether you have just moved into a new home or are looking to rebalance and harmonize your current living space, Farhan can help to make your home a sacred space. You’re home will feel lighter, livable, safe and nurturing. Distant sessions can be done over Skype or phone for any part of the world!

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Losing a close family member can leave us with many unresolved feelings and emotions. However our relationship with the deceased is eternal.

Farhan can assist in helping you connect with lost loved ones on the other side. This may involve getting a message from your beloved family member and helping to heal any unanswered questions. Farhan has trained with John Holland and some of the best mediums in the world. He believes continuing his education is vital to his commitment to serving the spirit world.

Angel Blessings and Miracles to ALL.

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Case Study #1

Melbourne, Australia July 26, 2009

Farhan is a quiet miracle worker who does what he loves because he is compelled and moved to do it. I have had a pain in my chest on the left side for years. I had it checked out a few times to make sure it was not my heart that was the issue. All results were negative, meaning that there was no reason for the discomfort. The pain was a like a sharp shooting stab into my chest, intense enough to find it challenging to breathe. This occurred at random times during the year and it happened again recently at a fitness event that I was partaking in with Farhan.

The pain was sudden, with no warning, and Farhan was right there to witness it occur. He quietly and discreetly lead me to a private room and asked me to sit down, close my eyes and focus on the pain, to develop a picture inside my mind of what it looked like. During this time he held my hand and whispered to breathe and release. The pain kept going for some time and then he said to me that he was able to see where the pain was coming from. I looked at him in surprise and asked where. He said that it had something to do with my mother and that in a previous life, she was my daughter. In fact, in this previous life, she had injured/killed me in the chest and that was where it had started. I burst into tears. It was like my inner being knew he was right. He called on various Angels to clear the karma and all the energy surrounding the pain.I was very sad and then the pain immediately left. The realization that my mother is in my life again to resolve issues from a previous life has giving me much relief as our relationship is tumultuous. Knowing what Farhan said was true, I sensed this calmness wash over me and my muscles relaxed. Since then I have no longer experienced any of the pain.

I will be forever grateful to Farhan for resolving two issues, one being the pain is not returned and the second, my appreciation for why my mother and I have not had a happy relationship. I had never experienced a past life episode like this, but this has opened my eyes, my mind and my heart.

Case Study #2

December 5, 2009

Upon moving into my new home in 2007, I felt very comfortable and the house always felt welcoming to others.

We started renovating the house almost immediately, our first project was the basement as we were using it as extra income. After a period of time I started having very vivid dreams and almost felt there was something in the house apart from my family.

The dreams became more and more visual and really felt as if I was actually awake.

I saw a face-like-globe by the window near my side of the bed, the two faces looked down on me, I did not feel threatened by them, but knew there were there even momentarily.

Another instance was when I woke up unable to scream as a floating black almost mist-like mass floated along my side of the bed and through the wall.

The last and very disturbing instance was when my partner an I were laying in bed watching TV, something caught my eye and I glanced up to the fan over the bed. I noticed a movement, and at the same time my partner said to me that he felt as if something was in the room with us.

Up to this point he had never felt or dreamt of spirits or entities in the house, I was scared.

I called a friend who listened to my story, she told me she had a colleague who had dealt with spirits and she would ask him (Farhan) if he could recommend something for me to do to clear any negative or present energies from the house.

I was very surprised with the questions Keya asked me after talking to Farhan.

1. Was there a cemetery just up the road from the house?
A. Yes, 4 minutes walk.

2. Was there a fire at some point in the house?
A. Yes, we discovered scorch marks on the wooden studs while renovating a room at the back of the house.

3. Did anyone die in the house?
A. This i was unsure of. I knew a little boy died who lived in the house, but not die in the house and subsequently his mother died. I was unsure of the father.

Keya told me that Farhan had performed a ritual whereby he called on Angels to help the souls that were in our home to go to the light from his office, on my behalf asking the spirits to vacate the house and move on.

I was told the spirits had not moved on since our purchase of the house and were unhappy. They meant no harm to us, but they needed help to leave the house and move on to a better place.

Since Farhan performed the clearing of my house I have felt calm and peace in the house, now we feel we are the only ones living in our home now.

Thanks to Farhan no more appearance of faces and looking over our shoulders. Farhan completed the clearing from his office which I found amazing!

Once again thanks Farhan!


Case Study #3

December 8, 2009


I wanted to thank you again for your help the other night around the issues surrounding my mother’s passing. So much more has become clear to me since then. You can’t imagine the importance of the healing that we did and how it has opened the door to a greater opportunity to heal.

You are so incredible at what you do. I truly hope you bring your talent of healing with the angels to the entire world. There are so many people who need healing and we all need it in different ways. Do you realize what a powerful and amazing gift you have been given? We all have, but sometimes we can forget just what a unique expression of the Divine we are. I hope you recognize it, embrace it, and go forth into the world sharing it and bringing healing to all those who need it. Thank you for allowing this gift to pour through you and touch my life.

I’m holding the vision of you healing many many people and enjoying every moment of your blessings.

With great love and gratitude,