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Learn from the best educators in the world. Farhan is officially the Spiritual Fitness Dean at World Academy. A true transformation can only occur when we live a spirt led life. Farhan’s online courses and programs will help to Awaken, Expand and Transform you on all levels. Begin now for less then $6.00.

INTRODUCING!!!! Meditation for Weight Loss!!!

Losing weight is easily achieved as this guided meditation takes you into the inward journey where all the solutions to your weight issues lie. You will be introduced to your fitness angel who will have messages that serve as the treasures to lift your life and set you free from any and all troublesome weight. Powerful affirmations are programmed into your subconscious making it easy for you to make healthy choices and feel good about your body. This meditation will provide you the assistance that you need to transform your life by working on the inside where all the necessary changes must take place to create the body you have desired and longed for. For best results it is recommended that you listen to this meditation once a day for thirty days. A new you is here and ready to be revealed.

Introductory price of only $10.00

Special thanks to Scott Cole.

Music provided by Daveed and available at


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Mind, Ball & Soul

Take time to harmonize your body, mind and soul through a balanced yoga, strength and core conditioning workout. Mind, Ball & Soul is a total body workout combined with the holistic benefits of yoga and breathing excercises that will give you an intense workout yet leaves you in a state of relaxation.

Leading Physiotherapist and former Reebok Master Trainer Farhan Dhalla has created a program that does it all. This workout features a functional warm-up, 3-dimensional resistive training and core conditioning excercises followed by a mind centering yoga cool down on the ball.

Order now and as a bonus get the sound track from the workout for free.

Bonus includes:
Track 1 Mind, Ball & Soul (53 mins)
Track 2 I Am Listening (16 mins)

Avoid shipping costs and download directly onto your computer.

$11.99 CAD

Video Details
Format: MOV (requires QuickTime or iTunes)
Playing time: 56 mins
Download size: 286 MB

Bonus Audio Track 1: Mind, Ball & Soul
Format: MP3

Playing time: 53 mins
Download size: 64 MB

Bonus Audio Track 2: I Am Listening
Format: MP3

Playing time: 17 mins
Download size: 21 MB

Mind, Ball & Soul in the Media

Derek Theler-Couger Town

Hollywood Actor Derek Theler Baby Daddy, Cougar Town and The Hills

“Mind,Ball & Soul” distributed at the 2010 Oscar party in Hollywood. See more

“Mind, Ball & Soul” distributed in the swag bag to Hollywood Stars at the Toronto International Film Festival. Read more

Anyone who couldn’t bring their own Harley Pasternak to the Great White North can work out with Farhan Dhalla’s Mind, Ball and Soul DVDs. Read more

Media refers to Farhan as the “Ball Man!” Read more hereAnd here

“Mind, Ball & Soul” hand-delivered in swag bags to celebrities at Toronto International Film Festival. Watch how that works


Farhan Dhalla turns the ball into your best friend! He’s developed a creative and unique workout that balances physical challenges with a mind/body focus that leaves you feeling totally rejuvenated.

~ Kathy Smith

Farhan Dhalla is a extraordinary trainer. In this DVD he leads you through a challenging workout for core (abdominal) fitness and strength training using the body ball and weights. He is skilled at bringing out the best in you and providing a thorough and complete workout. He expertly weaves together inspiring music with the routine and Farhan’s gentle nature shines throughout! I highly recommend this DVD. After every workout I feel stronger, calmer and ready to take on my day. It’s number one in my collection of workout routines.

~ Brenda Zeller

Farhan’s Mind, Ball and Soul is a great work out! It is a TOTAL body routine that I will be able to use for years…Farhan does a great job offering beginner to advanced versions through the entire work out. The work out is so centered and it finishes up with some great variations on yoga poses with the ball! Very nice touch! I even use some of these moves while I’m at the gym now. I love this DVD.

~ Kiva M.